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CodeCustomer NameStatusPrice
Recently Retired
On Sale
MB1142Classic Hope SilverOK30.00
MB1215Classic Beth with Brown Braided Handles and Brown PocketteOK30.00
MB1232Classic TrishaOK30.00
MB3180Demi Gianna with Cream Adjustable Strap and 2 1.5 inch Silver RingsOK50.00
MB3214Demi LaNor (backpack)OK70.00
MB3233Demi Melinda with Navy Braided HandlesOK50.00
MB6267Dopp Kit - GrayOK20.00
MB7584Prima PatOK50.00
MB7654Prima Melinda with Navy Braided HandlesOK50.00
MB9016Organizer - PurseOK15.00
MB9912Scarf - MariaOK20.00
MB5301Strap Quick Clip - Narrow - Adjustable - crossbodyOK20.00
MB6176Nail Decor and File setOK5.00
MB6227Wallet - FlatOK5.00
MB6229Socks - Miche 2 pairs OK10.00
MB6229P3Socks - Miche 6 PairsOK20.00
MB6239Key Chain - FloralOK5.00
MB6242Floral Zippered PouchSoon Retired10.00
MB6305Tote - M-PowerOK999.00
MB9017Organizer Closet - Prima/DemiOK30.00
MB9018Organizer Closet - Classic/PetiteOK30.00
MB9033Strap Quick Clip Wide Adjustable CrossbodyOK25.00
MB9037Handles - Prima/Demi BlackOK20.00
MB9183Dopp Kit - ViennaOK20.00
MB9440Handles - Short Cream ExtensionsOK10.00
MB9451Handles - Petite Chain Handles (Silver)OK20.00
MB9466Handles - Short Black ExtensionsOK10.00
MB9467Handles - Short Brown ExtensionsOK10.00
MB9472Handles - Rolled WhiteOK20.00
MB9475Quick Clip Strap (White) with Hardware (Silver/Gold)OK25.00
MB9650Carabiners - 1" SilverOK10.00
MB9651Carabiners - 1.5" SilverOK10.00
MB9652Carabiners - 1" BrassOK10.00
MB9653Carabiners - 1.5 " BrassOK10.00
MB9654Carabiners - 1" GoldOK10.00
MB9655Carabiners - 1.5" GoldOK10.00
MB9656Handles - Chain Set GoldOK15.00
MB9657Handles - Chain Set SilverOK15.00
MB9658 Handle - Chain Set BrassOK15.00
MB9721Scarf - WillowOK20.00
MB9733Handles - Fashion Black/Silver with CarabineersOK25.00
MB9907Umbrella - SerenaOK20.00
MB9908Scarf - SerenaOK20.00
MB9909Key Chain - SerenaOK10.00
MB9910Purse HangerOK10.00
MB9917Luggage Tags - ViennaOK10.00
MBX002Rolled Handles (Short/Black with Carabiners)OK25.00
MBX003Rolled Handles (long Black)OK20.00
CodeWallet / Hip Bag
MB6268Laptop - GrayOK20.00
MB9133Hip Bag MariahOK20.00
MB9137Wallet - PistachioOK30.00
MB9153Wallet - Phone ChartreuseOK30.00
MB9163Coin Purse - Peyton OK10.00
MB9187Wallet - MosaicOK15.00
MB9207Wallet - LaylaOK5.00
MB9214Tote - Salina LunchOK25.00
MB9259Coin Purse - KikiOK10.00
MB9727Clutch - DareOK20.00
MB9800Clutch - Black & White ComboOK40.00
MB9916Key chain - Lips and XOXOOK5.00
MB6203Organizer - JewelleryOK20.00
Miche Promo Items
F0009Pens - Miche 6 packOK5.00
FAMPPins - Ask Me About OK1.00
GIFTCERTGift CertificateOK1.00
MB6165Card Holder - Silvia PrintOK10.00
MB6167Card Holder - Set of 4 PlaceOK15.00
MB6168Mouse Pad - MicheOK4.00
MB6179Paperclips - Purse ShapedOK5.00
MB6183Pins - Set of 4 RoundOK2.00
MB6184Frame - Miche PictureOK10.00
MB6186Magnets - Set of 4 Purse ShapedOK20.00
MB6187Stir Sticks - Purse Shaped set of 6OK20.00
UD0011Brochures - 25 packOK10.00
UP0007EBanner - Miche EnglishOK30.00
UP0007FBanner - Miche FrenchOK30.00
CodeBase Bags
MB4001Classic Base Bag OK50.00
MB1115Classic Sidney - BlueOK30.00
MB1162Classic Hope - YellowOK999.00
MB1163Classic DaisyOK30.00
MB1170Classic VioletOK30.00
MB1171Classic AdrianOK30.00
MB1182Classic Hope - RedOK30.00
MB1192Classic CarlieOK30.00
MB1197Classic JasmineOK30.00
MB1199Classic AlbertaOK30.00
MB1208Classic Connie with 1" Brass RingsOK30.00
MB1225Classic MilaOK30.00
MB1233Classic Rhonda with Gold 1" ringsOK30.00
MB1266Classic ColtonOK30.00
MB1271Classic Pamela with Ivory Folded HandlesOK30.00
MB1274Classic JayOK30.00
MB1279Classic Meredith with Gold 1" ringsOK30.00
MB1286Classic CelineOK30.00
MB1287Classic LordesOK30.00
MB1289Classic Maria with Purple Handles and Gold 1" RingsOK30.00
MB1296Classic RosaOK30.00
MB1310Classic MosaicOK30.00
MB1318Classic TheaOK30.00
MB1319Classic SkyeOK30.00
MB1320Classic AnnetteOK30.00
MB1219Classic Hilton with Matching HandlesOK50.00
MB1221Classic Rhian with Matching HandlesOK50.00
MB1311Classic Sorbet with Ivory Folded handlesOK50.00
CodeBase Bags
MB7002Prima Base BagOK50.00
MB7526Prima LynnetteOK50.00
MB7563Prima JocelynneOK50.00
MB7577Prima Amanda with cream handlesOK50.00
MB7578Prima MelanieOK50.00
MB7580Prima FarrahOK50.00
MB7581Prima KatyOK50.00
MB7582Prima HarmonyOK50.00
MB7583Prima RobieOK50.00
MB7516Prima Hope - Black & WhiteOK50.00
MB7517Prima DanielleOK50.00
MB7518Prima RobinSoon Retired50.00
MB7540Prima CassieOK50.00
MB7549Prima Cleo with Brown Interchangeable HandlesOK50.00
MB7566Prima Hope - RedOK50.00
MB7572Prima JaniceOK50.00
MB7575Prima ParkerOK50.00
MB7576Prima RyannOK50.00
MB7586Prima Cindra with Navy Braided HandlesOK50.00
MB7597Prima Paulette with Tan Quick ClipOK50.00
MB7647Prima Sally OK50.00
MB7668Prima Maria with Purple handles and Gold 1.5" ringsOK50.00
MB7680Prima Mosaic with Navy Braided HandlesOK70.00
CodeBase Bags
MB3001Demi Base BagOK50.00
MB3112Demi JoyannaOK50.00
MB3170Demi KarmaOK50.00
MB3153Demi LanaOK50.00
MB3155Demi Paula with Tan Quick ClipOK50.00
MB3171Demi BiancaOK50.00
MB3223Demi Leslie with 1.5 ``Brass Rings OK50.00
MB3224Demi Colton OK50.00
MB3225Demi SallyOK50.00
MB3229Demi Pamela with Ivory HandlesOK50.00
MB3245Demi CelineOK50.00
MB3249Demi Maria with Purple Handles and Gold 1.5 " RingsOK50.00
MB3250Demi LordesOK50.00
MB3260Demi RosaOK50.00
MB3266Demi Devonshire with Cream Adjustable StrapOK50.00
MB3283Demi Hope - BreezeOK50.00
MB3285Demi Celeste with Navy Braided HandlesOK50.00
MB3291Demi TheaOK50.00
MB3292Demi SkyeOK50.00
MB3293Demi AnnetteOK50.00
MB3151Demi Kaye with Matching HandlesOK70.00
MB3277Demi Glam with Matching HandlesOK70.00
MB3280Demi Mosaic with Navy Braided HandlesOK70.00
MB3286Demi Sorbet with Folded Ivory HandlesOK70.00
CodeBase Bags
MB5006Petite Base BagOK50.00
MB5102Petite AvaOK25.00
MB5108Petite PaigeOK25.00
MB5111Petite MandiOK25.00
MB5136Petite ClarissaOK25.00
MB5139Petite ColeOK25.00
MB5155Petite BethanyOK25.00
MB5115Petite SamOK25.00
MB5144Petite JudyOK25.00
MB5147Petite SelenaOK25.00
MB5153Petite Carolyn with Brass StrapOK25.00
MB5165Petite Geneva with Cream Adjustable StrapOK25.00
MB5176Petite KelseyOK25.00
MB5191Petite ColtonOK25.00
MB5192Petite PamelaSoon Retired25.00
MB5195Petite Melinda OK25.00
MB5198Petite CelineOK25.00
MB5212Petite BreezeOK25.00

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